ACROPOLIS TAXI LTD is a very trustable company with well-trained and experienced English spoken drivers. We operate since 1941. Our very polite office staff will help you with any difficulties you have and solve any queries you may have 24 hours a day. Our luxury and comfortable Mercedes taxis (4 or 6 seater) , mini busses and busses are in excellent condition and will carry you to your destination safely. Our main concern is how to make our customers pleased.

All our cars are equipped with air-conditioning systems and seat bealts for all passengers. They are in excellent condition and have passed all safety checks required.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in one of our cars.


Acropolis Vassos Taxi was set up in 1941 by Mr. Vassos Papadopoulos in Famagusta, Cyprus. With a small number of taxis (three five seaters),its main activity was transportation of passengers within the town of Famagusta (Urban Taxi transport).

In 1953, the business expanded its services to include interbun taxi transport whereby passengers were carried to and from Famagusta and Nicosia (the capital town of Cyprus).For this purpose three more taxis were purchased and a new office was opened in Nicosia. The decision to expand was taken after the rail route linking Famagusta and Nicosia was suspended , so there was a high level of passenger movement to and from the Capital.

The business continued to expand and whilst services remained the same , the total number of taxis increased to thirty in 1973, the year prior to the Turkish invasion (1974).1974 was a very difficult year as Mr. Papadopoulos and his family were forced to leave Famagusta and settle in Limassol (The Turkish invasion left 37% of Cyprus under Turkish occupation and resulted in 200,000 refugees).

After 1974, a new chapter in the company’s history began. The company’s founder retired and his three sons (Antonakis,Tetis and Varnavas Papadopoulos) took over, forming a partnership. In the first years after the Turkish invasion , the three partners faced immense difficulties in their efforts to revive the business. Among the initial difficulties was the fact that the business did not have any buildings to host its operations,and many of the cars (twelve in total) were trapped in the occupied part of Cyprus.

However, the three partners managed to gather together the remaining cars and by setting up temporary offices in Limassol and Larnaca alongside the existing office in Nicosia,they managed to start operating again in 1975. The growth in the interban taxi market from 1975-1990, as well as the increase in the number of tourists visiting Cyprus, enabled the company to gradually expand.

The business finally turned into “Company Ltd” in 1991 and is the leader in the tourist transport services.

In 2000, it was one of the first companies with online presence and online booking system.