August 09, 2019

Cyprus wineries

Dear reader,

Today I will talk about the wine making sector of Cyprus which has gained a great deal of attention over the past few years. Our local wine makers (both small and large scale) have taken several steps forward and have managed to get not only the attention of locals, but also of international visitors.

It is important to mention that Cyprus was not famous for its wine. We had perfect climate conditions to grow our grapes but unfortunately during the process, expertise and professionalism was missing. Nevertheless, as time passed local wine makers conducted various studies to improve their skills in wine making and this resulted to international awarded wine labels, that can now compete with top European ones.

As a Cyprus transportation company, we had a lot of visitors asking about excursions that will make them feel like locals. I was sceptic in the past, but now the first thing that comes to my mind is a wine tasting experience. I personally visited our wineries and wine yards and I was impressed.

I fully recommend to get a full day excursion to the three well known wineries so you can get glimpse of the winemaking process, the history of winemaking in Cyprus and wine tasting. The whole experience will provide you with the opportunity to meet the winemakers themselves who will be happy to share the advances in the winemaking process.

So, when you decide to visit Cyprus, make sure to spare a day for an 8 hour tour. We totally recommend a tour between Zambartas, Vlassides and Tsiakkas wineries. At this tour you will have the chance to taste more than 30 labels. Also, for the final tasting you will try Zivania, a local spirit, and the oldest wine that Cyprus still produces Commandaria.

You can book your excursion here