Limassol Carnival

Limassol Carnival
February 29, 2020

The Limassol Carnival is a feast that all of us expect to enjoy impatiently.  Carnival is celebrated in towns all over Cyprus, but especially in the city of Limassol. In our days carnival events start on the “Shrove Thursday” with the Carnival King entering the town in a festive atmosphere. Shrove Thursday, if you are a meat lover, is a great opportunity to visit Limassol and enjoy Cyprus meat traditions. The whole city is barbequing from early morning until night. Also, in the old town parties and events are taking place, especially at Saripolou Street.

On Sunday, the children's parade follows. Throughout the week carnival parties are taking place with a live bands singing at Castle square in Thursday night. Finally the Grand Carnival Parade which takes place on the last Sunday of the Carnival festivities.

Many people in fancy dresses participate to enjoy a special this special day. The whole town is decorated in Carnival mood and all the places where celebrations are planned, as well as the central key points of the town, are decorated in an imaginative way as possible.

The last Sunday of the “Cheese Week” is the highlight of the Carnival. This is when the Grand Carnival Parade takes place on the main avenue. Archbishop Makarios Avenue is flooded with Cypriots and foreigners from all over the island to watch the colourful floats and groups of people, singing and dancing in a truly festive atmosphere. The open-air celebrations and feasting take place throughout Cypriot towns but the Grand Parade in Limassol is the peak focus of the Carnival.