Ineia Basket Weaving Museum

Ineia Basket Weaving Museum
November 25, 2019

Ineia Basket Weaving Museum


We can’t help being enamoured by the timeless charm of Cyprus villages and all the unusual little places that hide countless secrets about days gone by.

Head to the village of Ineia on the gorgeous Laona plateau in the Paphos district, and not only will you be overwhelmed with stunning views across the Akamas Peninsula, but you’ll also get the chance to catch a rare glimpse of the island’s basket-making tradition.

With the village nestled amid vineyards takes its name from the word ‘inos’ – the ancient Greek word for wine – what many people don’t know is that the village is also famous for its traditional handicraft of basket weaving, which is still practised in the original way. Head to the tiny basket weaving museum and you’ll spot countless baskets and other woven items on display, which shed light on a tradition and skill that has been passed down from generation to generation.

With the whole area inspiring both local and foreign artists, be sure to also take a walk around the village and the surrounding countryside; a place where photographers are often spotted with their cameras and tripods.