Ayia Napa – Sea Caves

Ayia Napa – Sea Caves
September 25, 2019

Ayia Napa – Sea Caves

A stunning, natural landmark along the coastline of Ayia Napa, the sea caves gather a large crowd all year round for its impressive rock formations and breath-taking sunsets.

The caves that fill the area, also known as Cape Greko, were formed by the erosion of rocks from waves crashing on the cliffs over the centuries. They can be explored carefully on foot or by sea since to reach some of them you have to swim. It’s advisable to wear appropriate shoes as they can be slippery and sharp.

Legend has it that the caves were used by pirates and smugglers of the Mediterranean to hide their treasures and store prohibited goods.

There’s one main cave that’s easily accessible and is a popular spot for pictures as it offers magnificent views of the caves and a serene place to briefly rest your feet. It’s also famous for newly-wed couples to take their wedding photos as the circular cave and blue waters make a beautiful backdrop.

Surrounded by crystal clear waters, the area offers many activities including swimming, snorkelling and for more adventurous spirits, cliff jumping. The caves are ten meters high with deep waters allowing thrill-seeks to get their adrenaline rush by jumping. Do take care though if you choose to jump as the current at times can be strong.

Keep in mind that there are no conveniences, rescue services or shade at the location, so go well prepared with water, a hat and sunscreen. At most, you might find an ice cream van to cool you off during the hot summer months.

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