Arriving at Cyprus ports and you are looking for an excursion?

September 06, 2019


Typically, the cost of shore excursions offered by the cruise ship is exponentially more than the amount charged by local independent operators. When you are a family of six, the difference in price becomes significant.

The cruise ship usually organizes shore excursions that maximizes participation. Accordingly, dozens and dozens of people from the cruise can and normally do register for them. This might not make much of a difference if you are heading to a large beach for a few hours. You can all spread out and enjoy the peace and quiet. However, a large crowd could impact a smaller beach or other types of excursions, such as visiting historical or cultural sites.

A small group or private tour allows participants the ability to ask questions. You may also be able to adapt the itinerary to meet the needs of you and your family.

Cruises are normally jammed pack with people. I enjoy having time away from the other passengers and from the cruise ship experience.

I like to take excursions that allow me to see a new destination as genuinely as possible. I’d rather get away from the crowds and visit a remote beach or park, or try and understand a local culture by visiting something off the beaten path, than flock to standard tourist destinations. Generally, cruise ships offer excursions that appeal to as many passengers as possible. It is in their interests to make sure their excursions are sold out, not only for financial reasons but also to keep the majority of passengers happy. Accordingly, I am not interested in most excursions offered by cruise ships.

Most local operators catering to shore excursions organize them so that it is easy to meet your driver or guide at the port. It might seem overwhelming to receive instructions to walk through the port and exit at a certain place to find your car, driver or guide. However, the reality is most local operators have made it as simple as possible for their clients. This is one of the ways they stay in business.

Most local tour operators catering to shore excursions also understand the importance of returning their clients to the ship on time. I have never been on one that did not have a schedule and was not strictly followed.


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