Giorti tou glytzistou (traditional sweets festival)

Giorti tou glytzistou (traditional sweets festival)
June 19, 2019

Sunday 30th June 2019

Koilani Village

Giorti tou glytzistou (traditional sweets festival)

A celebration full of sweets and tradition, organized by the Community Council of Koilani and the Women'sInitiative Group of Koilani. This year's celebration is scheduled for Sunday, June 30, and the housewives of the village have many surprises for us.

During the event, everyone has the opportunity to taste the traditional sweets of our country, which are made with special care and tradition by the village women, while the museums and wineries of the village are open to the public.

And of course free sweets! And in case you do not know, learn that Glytzista were called the sweets made by housewives in their homes and had the shape of a lozenge and were made with a thin elongated leaf that was packed with shredded almonds, cinnamon and sugar.

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