Chrysorroyiatissa Monastery & Old Winery

Chrysorroyiatissa Monastery & Old Winery
January 08, 2020

With Cyprus famous for its religious heritage, you’ll always stumble upon some church or monastery to make you stop in your tracks. And if you’re exploring the lush Paphos Forest, the Monastery of Chrysorroyiatissa in Panayia village is bound to leave you awestruck. Set in beautiful natural surroundings, the monastery dates way back to 1152, established by monk Ignatios and dedicated to ‘Our Lady of the Golden Pomegranate’.

Walk in through the main entrance of the monastery and you’ll be standing in a magnificent courtyard filled with greenery. The monastery today has been built over the foundations of the older one, with the newer building dating back to 1770. Look out for the fine frescoes above the three entrances, as well as the gold and silver-plated icon of Christ and the Virgin Mary in the monastery believed to have been painted by Apostle Luke the Evangelist. Pop into the ‘Icons and Utensil Treasury’ of the monastery and you can catch a glimpse of important icons, religious objects, and various other artefacts.

What’s really interesting is that the monastery has been producing its own wine since the 1980s, with grapes picked from the monastery’s vineyards. When you’ve had a good look around, be sure to step out onto the elevated terrace where you can sit back on one of the benches to take in the gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. And once the rainy winter months set in, you’ll catch a glimpse of the nearby glistening Asprogia-Kannaviou dam.

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